Audiometric Booth

Audiometric Booth is used to completing different kinds of work in the medical industry, We at Decibels Acoustics have developed Audiometric/Audiology booth, with brilliance and intelligence. This excellent mechanism does not allow outside noise to come inside. Therefore, it has become quite easy and convenient to measure the performance and accuracy of the desired item in a quick time.

Some preeminent elements of this new age system are given below:

  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Available in distinctive shades, unique materials and fabrics
  • Noiseless ventilation frameworks to work conveniently
  • Excellent cooling option
  • Fantastic paint finish and Powder Coated finish for extreme toughness and high durability

Audiology booths of Decibels Acoustics are not possible to witness with any others. However, the above-described device is already very capable to meet individual needs in a perfect manner. Audiology Booth is an independent device, therefore, works without any support. But, it is a great reason to feel delighted that its usefulness could be extended to the next level with additional equipment.

Audiology treatment in an existing room, Portable booth and suits, multiple testing booths, as per ANSI, OSHA, ISO or ASTM standards. 

Audiometric Room

Audiometric room came in existence, to carry out different kinds of business operations/activities in a hassle-free manner and confident way, after extensive researches and experiments of years. You essentially need to know this highly-engineered product is an excellent system to use. It helps to fetch accurate results for various types of industries including medical, automobilefinance & investment, psychology, government & military operations and many others. Earlier, this unique facility was not available in the market, therefore, it used to prove a problematic situation to measure the performance of every activity. Thus, drop all other options on the back seat and start the process now to purchase.

It is obviously a nice decision to own the sound-proof solution of Decibels Acoustics as it proves helpful in various ways. Some foremost features of this new age mechanism are as follows:

  • On-site assembly
  • Available in different colours, designs materials and fabrics
  • Silent ventilation systems for disturbance-free working
  • Air conditioning option with independent system
  • High-quality Polyester Powder paint finish or unique Powder-Coated Wood Grain finish for phenomenal durability
  • Anti-Bacterial finish and many others

However, above-mentioned features are highly-acclaimed by existing users but a journey for its efficacy and performance does not end here. Top of the line researchers is still working in state-of-the-art labs of Decibels Acoustics. with innovative concepts and equipment. Their highly-ambitious tests are reportedly showing positive results and soon will be available in upcoming offerings. So, be assured of experiencing improved performance.

Big bucks are not expected to procure this awesome sound-proof solution as manufacturers have kept its price as reasonable as possible. It is reasonable to the extent that even a low scale enterprise, with limited resources of income, can bear the expenditure without making any kind of compromise upon financial terms. It is also confirmed that money paid now is later recovered with an increase in revenue and faith of customers. So, do not suffer from unwanted noise any more. Sound-resistant convenience like Audiology room is not possible to experience with anything else.