DG Set Acoustic Enclosure

Among our wide range of products, we are introducing a premium quality assortment of DG Set Acoustic Enclosure. Our offered enclosures are manufactured using quality approved raw material with the aid of most advanced production techniques. Further, these products are available in different sizes and other related specifications to suit the varied applications requirements of clients. Available at affordable prices, number of doors on the DG set acoustic enclosure with double glazed windows can be provided in accordance with the customer’s needs.


  • Sound proof
  • Sturdiness
  • Corrosion resistance

Heavy Machine Acoustic Enclosure

As per the variegated requirements of our clients, we are offering a broad collection of Machine Acoustic Enclosure that is available in different specifications and can also be customized as per the needs of clients. Our knowledgeable professionals make use of premium grade raw material and modern technology in order to manufacture these enclosures in line with the international standards. In addition, these are thoroughly inspected by our quality experts to ensure their unmatched quality and durability.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy installation

Turbine Acoustic Enclosure

A turbine engine whether it is powered by gas or steam generates a very high noise level which is not permissible in the environment are per the regulations. We manufacture turbine enclosures that provide sound absorption and acoustic control in a well ventilated environment. 

Our turbine enclosures have collapsible walls and roof panels. These panels are bolted together to form the acoustic structure. All the panels are acoustically treated and comply with the noise level regulations. The turbine enclosure has windows and doors which are sound proof. 

The turbine enclosure is fitted with an exhaust outlet and a blower to release the build-up of heat and humidity. The air vents ensure that there is plenty of air circulation inside the turbine enclosure. The inlet and outlet are insulated and fitted with silencers and acoustic louvers to prevent the leakage of noise. 

Cut outs are provided for cables and pipes and these areas are all acoustically treated with proper seals. This ensures that even when the pipes and cables are entering the enclosure there is no noise leakage. The enclosure is equipped with fire fighting equipment and is made of fire resistant material.

Compressor Enclosure

The compressor acoustic enclosure can be used for air compressor or wire bending machine. It is a free standing acoustic enclosure which has been scientifically designed to ensure that there is no sound resonance and the noise emission is kept under the required level. We have setup many acoustic enclosures for air compressorsand wire bending machine and successfully achieved a noise reduction to a 30dB(A) threshold which is as per IS:12065-1987 clause No. 3.3.1 for noise measurement. Our aim is to reduce the noise level to the minimum level that we can. 

The body of the compressor acoustic enclosure is made for endurance. It is galvanized with a non-corrosive zinc coating to ensure it will not damage easily in rough weather conditions. The enclosure has a sliding door which operates on a grooved pulley. The enclosure also has acoustic windows for viewing. These windows are made of double glazed glass which is sound proof and weather proof. 

The interior of the enclosure has environment control which includes the temperature, and humidity levels. The air vents ensure plenty of air circulation inside the enclosure. These air ducts are insulated and have acoustic louvers. The exhaust outlet is fitted with axial flow fan and a silencer. The compressor enclosure has sufficient lighting on the inside for proper visibility. Provisions for cables and pipes are sealed after installation of the compressor to prevent noise leakage. 

Compressor enclosures are custom built according to the specifications and requirements of the client. We ensure a quick delivery time of the enclosure unit. 

Blower Acoustic Enclosure

The Blowers can make a very loud noise which is beyond the industrial permissible level and commercial acoustics. We design Acoustic enclosures that are meant especially for blowers. These enclosures take into consideration the need for plenty of air circulation. We have ensured that the air vent is insulated and fitted with acoustic louvers and splitters. 

The Blower enclosures designed by Envirotech is galvanized or made of 14 gauge steel or .125 inch aluminium. On the inside the enclosure is lined with acoustic material which is heat resistant and oil resistant. The interior lining is dual bonded with the outer body of the enclosure. The enclosures are specially built for durability and longevity. They are able to tolerate harsh weather conditions and provide a full protection for the equipment inside. 

The design of the blower enclosure is simple yet caters to all the requirements of the client. Dual doors in the front and rear of the enclosure allow ease of access to the blower. The doors are lined on the sides with a gasket which seals the sound. The doors are mounted on special hinges and have ½ turn compression fastener. 

The blower enclosure is designed with provision for oil inspection ports. These are spring hinged and easy to locate and open. There are extensions for easily draining the oil and for oil change from the outside through the provisions in the enclosure. This way one can avoid entering the blower enclosure unnecessarily and minimising risk. 

An optional feature of the blower enclosure is a cooling fan which is fitted onto the far end of the enclosure. It draws cool air into the enclosure and pushes the hot air out. This feature is useful for systems that generate high temperature as it helps to regulate the internal environment of the enclosure.